• "We are all connected through the same wish,
    to become universe again...."


Birth and Reverse is a project that deals with human responses to various aspects of transformation. Birth, life, loss, death, the journey from one gender to an other.

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All are subjects that examine the ways in which we approach and deal with transformation in life – from its very beginning to its very end.

It is only in real lives that we will find the stories that make these topics relevant instead of just academic. Through the stories we hear, we hope to show how humanity responds and adapts to the things that change lives forever.

We want to tell your story; in the way you would wish it to be told – in your words and your emotions. If you would like to participate, we would love to hear from you.

Ethical attitude
The basis of our work a humanistic, the project and the ethical attitude is religiously neutral and non commercial.

Taboo death
Is there a bigger, more intimate and overwhelming theme than death? The topics death and transformation are life-determining. However, we banish them to the edge of our existence. Death loses its – to us frightening – statics, if we integrate it in a transforming sense. The exploration with death is a journey of discovery.


How did you experience birth, death or transformation yourself? Is there a story you can share through our project, so you can encourage others to go through their process with more awareness?

You can send us your story in words (maximum one A4 page), or you can talk about it either in a sound recording or with a video.

All information will be confidential untill you sign us the right to publish it. When published it will show your first name (or pseudonym if you prefer), age, what you do, and your picture (if you provide one).

You can mail us your story or your questions. Click on the arrow below ...

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Birth and Reverse 2015

"We are all connected through the same wish, to become universe again.... "




is the initiating and driving force behind „Birthandreverse“. Trough her years of therapeutic work the world of the transformation topics has become part of her everyday life.

„The fascination to deal with dying, death and transformation is based on the point of intersection of individual experience and awareness towards collectiveness. And in the intimacy of these topics once you face them and make them a part of your life. It is my wish to trigger and open communication in the individual person and in exchange with others and to expose myself again on a new level. To begin a journey with an open end.



has spent 40 years in visual communication, more recently as a filmmaker exploring the creative process of artists and performers. He comes to the project with a gift to show the human heart.

“How to capture these moments in people’s consciousness is a prospect that holds immeasurable fascination.”



freelance copywriter and concept designer with extensive experience in the implementation of editorial media. She brings her skills in transcribing the experiences of the stories to written language.

“I am motivated by the intense engagement between the principles of interpersonal communication, the dynamics of subconscious interaction and the internal driving forces for personal growth during transformational processes. This is based on an agnostic discourse of different beliefs and approaches to interpretation relating to the personal relationships of growth, change and decay.”